The Cava-Poo is a designer breed dog. It is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle. Cava-Poo’s are friendly, intelligent, gentle and playful dogs. Cava-Poo’s are very social dogs. They love to meet new people and especially children. They make great family pets and also enjoy accompanying their family on in whatever they are doing. Cava-Poos enjoy going to the dog park, going for rides in the car, going to the pet store and going along on other family outings. They have a medium length coat that is smooth in texture and have very low shedding coat which makes them a great choice for allergy sufferers. Cava-Poo’s are relatively easy to train with gentle and consistent training. Cava-Poo’s have a low exercise requirement. A daily game of fetch inside should satisfy a Cava-Poo’s exercise requirement.

Sex: Male DOB: 04/06/2018 Color: Cream Dam Weight: 13 Lbs Sire Weight: 9 Lbs