The Hava-tzu is a sweet, affectionate, smart, stubborn dog but makes a great family dog. They are not fragile even though they are small. They typically love children. The coat of the Hava-tzu should be brushed every other day to keep it from matting. They need to be shampooed and conditioned every few weeks. Their coat should be blow dried to keep it pretty and fluffy. It also helps to keep it from matting.

The Hava-tzu is a very playful dog. They can be hyper at times but will calm down and sit beside you or at your feet. They tend to love everyone they meet. The Hava-tzu likes to alert you when people come to the door and will occasionally bark when playing. They need to run and play inside or outside a couple of times each day. This will keep them happy as they love playtime.

Sex: Female DOB: 03/2/2018 Color: Brown & White Dam Weight: 13 Lbs Sire Weight: 9 Lbs