Puggle-Papillion was created with a mix between a puggle and a Papillion. This kind of dog turns out to be a medium sized dog on the smaller side of the scale. The average Puggle-Papillion weighs about 18 pounds, which is right on the threshold between small dog and medium sized dog.  They can also come short or long haired. If it is a long-haired Puggle-Papillion , you will have to groom him daily or have his hair clipped short. Long-haired Puggle-Papillion do not shed as much as short-haired, a trait they have from the Papillion. They are also easier on people who are allergic to pet dander. The Puggle-Papillion is a loyal, loving, caring, funny, very smart little dog and is not hard to potty train

Though it varies from dog to dog, each Puggle-Papillion will carry characteristic qualities of both a puggle and Papillion. One of the characteristics shared by both breeds is that they are extremely social. The Puggle-Papillion is a very social dog, also. He will try to follow you when you walk out of your house, as if you should take him along. He likes to be in the same room as you, and will often cuddle up while you’re on the couch or lay at your feet if you’re sitting at the kitchen table. They are a very energetic dog, and love to play. They also play well with children, and if introduced to other animals early on, they will play and get along well with them also. Puggle-Papillion tend to be very quirky and funny. They are a very happy and playful dog. They can have you laughing at just about anything.

Sex: Male DOB: 07/12/2017 Color: Tri color Dam Weight: 20 Lbs Sire Weight: 12 Lbs