We always have cute little bunny rabbits in-house (typically more around Easter). We have everything from Lion Head bunnies to Holland lops. Call for a current list of bunny’s 585-427-0250


Cage & Habitat

  • You will need a cage that is at least four times the size of your bunny or an outdoor hutch at least 30 x 36 x 20 inches. Always go with the biggest cage possible.
  • Hay or straw is needed as a nesting area for outside bunnies.
  • A litter box and litter for indoor bunnies. Paper-based litter works best and do not use clumping litter.
  • A water bottle or water bowl.
  • Food bowl for pellets and a feeder for hay.

Food & Supplements

  • Hay: Hay is necessary for your bunny’s diet to stimulate intestinal movement and help wear down the teeth. Offer as much hay as your pet wants to eat. The hay should have equal portions of stems and leaves and be green. Grass hays such as Timothy, orchard, oat, brome, Burmuda and Johnson are excellent choices.
  • Bunny Pellets: Commercial pelleted food is available on in many varieties. Pellets that are about 25 percent fiber and a low-fat content are best. Bunnies have low-fat requirements, so their diet needs only to contain 2 percent fat. Smaller pellet sizes are better for young bunnies.
  • Vegetables: Your bunny should eat up to 2 cups of vegetables a day. Bunnies will enjoy carrot tops, carrots, broccoli, parsley, chicory, endive, kale, mustard greens, green peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, dandelion greens and dark leafy lettuce.
  • Treats: Bunnies love sugary foods as treats. Offer only a small amount of these treats a day. Your bunny will enjoy apple slices, pears, kiwi fruit, melons, and strawberries. There are also a wide variety of commercially available bunny treats. Use sugary treats in moderation to prevent obesity and intestinal problems.
  • Water: Compared to other animals’ bunniess drink much water so your bunny should always have fresh water available. When your bunny does not have enough water, he will eat less food which creates an unhealthy situation.

Other Supplies
Brushes and combs for grooming, especially if you have a long-haired bunny.

  • Toys & Chew Toys
    Bunnies need ways to be entertained just like everyone else so make sure you include plenty of toys. They love ramps, steps, and platforms to play and exercise on as well as toys that can be pushed and tossed around. You should also include some chew toys since bunnies love to chew, and the toys will help wear down their teeth.

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