Lhasa Poo

Lhasa Poo

Lhasa Poo

The Lhasapoo or Lhasa-poo is a smaller sized hybrid dog that is a cross between either a Miniature Poodle or a Toy Poodle and purebred Lhasa Apso. They are a well built, active and energetic dog that adjusts well to a wide variety of living conditions.

Most Lhasa-poos will mature at a weight of 14 to 18 pounds and can measure up to 14 inches at the shoulder, however most will be 10-12 inches at maturity. They tend to have moderately short legs, a well proportioned body and a thick, curly and silky coat. The colors possible in the Lhasapoo include white and any color, solid tans, apricots and grays and even pure white, cream and champagne colors. Eyes are typically very dark, expressive and relatively large. The muzzle is longer than the Lhasa Apsos but shorter than the Poodles. The ears are long and hang down the sides of the cheeks, framing the face. When not clipped the Lhasa-poo is one of the hybrid breeds that will have a slight beard and longer eyebrows, further adding to the expressive face.

This canine hybrid is definitely a family dog that needs to be around people rather than left on its own. They are playful and friendly when socialized but may have a tendency to be rather shy and timid if not. It is highly recommended that these dogs start out with a puppy obedience class and be provided ongoing socialization with other dogs and new people throughout their life.

The Lhasa-poo is very loyal and attentive and is a true lapdog. They love to be as close to people as possible and are more than capable of snuggling up on the couch or on the bed to sleep and relax. When raised with cats and other dogs they are excellent companion pets and are not prone to being aggressive or territorial. They are also great with children and will enjoy playing and romping with kids.

Some Lhasapoos may have a tendency to be somewhat stubborn with training and they may be difficult to housetrain. Consistent, positive obedience training and crate training for the housetraining issues are recommended.The puppies below are currently for sale at Allie’s Pet Corner, click on the image for more information.

The puppies below are currently for sale at Allie’s Pet Corner, click on the image for more information.

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