Shih-Poos can be any color or any combination of colors. The Shih-Poo doesn’t shed much and should be trimmed on a monthly basis. This helps to keep its long coat from matting. Regular brushing is also a good idea, as it helps to keep the dog’s hair clean and free from unsightly tangles. The Shih-Poo is said to require little bathing, as it is naturally clean.

The Shih-Poo, like other hybrids, is generally healthier than pure breed dogs. More vigorous as well, theShih-Poo is less likely to have genetic diseases. With pure breeds and inbred dogs, the opposite is true and these dogs are more frequently stricken with genetic ailments. When in good health, Shih-Poos can live to be about 14 years old.

The Shih-Poo is typically happy, playful, and gentle. These dogs crave and enjoy attention and affection from humans. They usually coexist well with other household pets, including cats and other dogs. In most cases, Shih-Poos get along well with children. However, they are known to become snappy if they are teased.

The Shih-Poo tends to do well with obedience training. These dogs are also able to learn tricks with ease. Thanks to the intelligence of the Shih-Poo, housebreaking is fairly simple.

Shih-Poos, like other hybrids, are not currently recognized by well-known kennel clubs. However, some believe they may be recognized one day because of their popularity. This lack of recognition hasn’t stopped people from buying them, however, as Shih-Poos are a favorite among many dog lovers.

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