The Moxie Is a very small, playful and energetic little dog. They love to play outdoors and can be hyper at times. Make sure you have plenty of toys for your little Moxie.

The Moxie makes a good family pet and watch dog. They are also a very affectionate little dog. The coat of the Moxie can be black with cream and white paws. Their coat can change color dramatically as they mature. It can go from black to cream by 6 months of age.

Even though the Moxie is a little dog they do have lots of energy. They love to run and should be taken for a walk everyday so they can explore and expend some of that energy.

Sex: Female DOB: 07/20/2017 Color: Black & Tan Dam Weight: 12 Lbs Sire Weight: 10 Lbs