The Shorkie is a hybrid dog which is a combination of two different purebreeds. It’s a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu.
This type of breed is commonly referred to as hybrid or designer breed. In the last several years the Shorkie has become one of the most popular of all the designer breeds. The Shorkie has a coat that is typically long and silky. The Shorkie’s coat may be allowed to grow all the way to ground or it may be groomed to be shorter. Both of the parent breeds are non-shedding so the Shorkie is an excellent dog for people who suffer from allergies.
The Shorkie is considered to be sweet natured and playful. Most Shorkies will get along well with children and with others in the home. The Shorkie is intelligent and typically trains very well. This is an affectionate dog that loves nothing more than spending time with its family. The Shorkie should not be left alone for long periods of time as it craves human companionship. The Shorkie is not an avid barker and will usually do well when traveling with its family. This dog will become very attached to its owners and be protective but it does not make a good guard dog simply because of its friendly nature. Shorkie’s will usually live between 14 and 19 years.
The Shorkie breed originated in the United States and has been in existence for about twenty years. The Shorkie breed will require some maintenance to keep its coat in good condition. If the coat is kept long then the coat will need to be brushed every couple of days at a minimum. The Shorkie will need proper exercise in order to stay healthy. A Shorkie will probably be able to get all of the exercise it needs just playing in the house or in the yard, provided that it is fenced. A Shorkie will do well in a variety of environmental settings, including in a house or an apartment. Due to their small size they do not need a lot of space. This breed can do well in almost any environment.
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Sex: Male DOB: 02/14/2018 Color: Black & White Dam Weight: 10 pounds Sire Weight: 8 pounds