Cockapoos, as the name indicates, are a cross (hybrid) of pure Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. They have been bred informally for many decades and have been noted for their wonderful dispositions, long lives and lower incidence of genetic defects than in the parental breeds. This type of crossbreeding results in “hybrid vigor” in which the best qualities of each breed manifest in the offspring.
The Cockapoo derives from the Poodle its extraordinary intelligence and non-shedding coat. There is very little dander, which is the main culprit in allergies to dogs. This makes the Cockapoo the ideal choice for those who have problems with allergies.
The Cockapoo’s sweet nature, patient disposition and sturdy build come from the Cocker Spaniel. The resulting personality is unparalleled in its ability to relate to people and children. They are famous for being loyal, affectionate, open and friendly, non-destructive, eager to please, easily trained, vigorous, clean, healthy and long-lived (18-22 years). The dog’s flexibility and range of sizes make it ideal for some special situations.

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