How Financing Works

There are two financing options, which are for people who can afford a puppy but would like to spread out the cost over monthly payments. If you can’t afford a puppy right now, please be patient. Your time will come.  Your future puppy does not want to add financial stress to your life, so please be responsible.

For those who are ready for a puppy now, there are two financing options available. You must first try to get approved by our 3rd party partner LendingUSA.  If you get declined, then we can offer you an in-store financing option.  Details on both are below.    

 LendingUSA.  This is the 3rd party lending partner we work with.  It’s like applying for a loan at a bank, but it’s a soft hit on your credit report, so applying will not affect your score.  They require a minimum credit score of 600.  They will look at your debt-to-income ratio, how long you’ve been at your current job etc.  About 25% of people get approved.  You can apply with the link below.  To calculate the loan amount, take the cost of the puppy (let’s say $1599) and round up to a whole number ($1600), then add 10% (which is sales tax plus the financing fee), which equals $1760, then subtract the down payment, which is $250.  In the example of $1599, you’d be applying for a $1510 loan. The interest rate they charge depends on your credit score and the length of the loan. They will show you the options. You can apply at the link below. If you get pre-approved, contact the store (585-427-0250) (or [email protected]). Do not proceed further until contacting us.

In-Store Financing. You must apply to LendingUSA first. If you get declined, in-store financing has a higher down payment, less interest, but shorter loan length.  3-month loans at 10% interest, 6-month loans at 20% interest, and 12-month loans for select dogs. Some puppies are not available for in-store financing. The down payments typically range from $500-$800, depending on the puppy. You need to supply us with a recent pay stub (proving you have a job), your driver’s license (the address must match where you live – or we will need a utility bill (or cell phone bill) at the address where you live.)  The down payment must use the same credit or debit card that you will use for the monthly payments.  We will keep the card on file and charge it on the predetermined day each month, and send you an email showing the remaining balance. There is a standard contract to sign that states if you miss a payment, after a 3 day grace period, there is a $100 fee. If Small Claims Court is necessary to collect the balance you will owe any fees incurred.  A judgment would be issued against you, and your wages would be garnished until the balance is paid in full.  So if you can’t afford the puppy, do not do this because it will lead to a judgment on your credit report and the garnishment of your wages.

Financing is for people who can afford the puppy, but would like to spread out the cost over monthly payments.  The responsibility is yours.

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