Small Animals - Allie's Pet Corner

Small Animals


     We carry Lion Head bunnies, Holland Lops, and sometimes Dwarfs.  We recommend a cage at least four times the size of your bunny, or an outdoor hutch at least 30 x 36 x 20 inches. Always go with the biggest cage possible.

     Hay or straw makes a perfect nesting area for outside bunnies while a litter box works for indoor.  We find paper-based litter works best.  Do not use clumping litter. You’ll also need a water bottle, a food bowl for pellets, and a feeder for hay. We carry everything you need to bring a bunny into your home.



     We have a variety of Ferrets and all the food, and accessories, you’ll need!  Our cages have plenty of room for sleeping, playing, and pooping in a litter box. We have food dishes, water bowls and bottles, and plenty of toys like tunnels, chew bones, and balls – everything you’ll need to keep them from getting bored!


Guinea Pigs

     Guinea pigs come in a variety of single and multi-colored coats. The most common is Himalayan (white with black), Tortoiseshell (light and dark brown), Tortoise and White, and Dutch (white and tan pattern). We have long-haired, short-haired, and crested! And all the food, toys, and accessories you’ll need, so stop by and check out our Guinea Pigs today!



     A pet hamster requires a safe cage that provides room to run, eat, and sleep. Remember, hamsters are chewers and excellent escape artists. They can easily chew through wood or soft plastic, but we carry a variety of different habitats you can choose for your hamster’s home, and all the food, toys, and accessories you’ll need!